Working closely as we do with the corporate sector, we understand that travel is a likely part of your schedule. And while we want to keep riding our bike while away, travelling with your bike adds a layer of effort and complexity.

So, Corporate Cycling (CC) is thrilled to offer CC CONCIERGE, your premium bike rental solution. We deliver a quality Focus road bike to your accommodation set-up and ready to ride based on the measurements and options you provide us. CC Concierge currently operates in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The process is simple;

  • Book online.
  • Beyond delivery details, you will be asked for your frame size and seat height. As well as your preferred choice of pedals, helmet size (premium KASK helmets), wheels (Fulcrum 7 or ZIPP 302) and GPS mount. Lezyne tool and repair kit, Lezyne lights, and bidon are all included as standard.
  • The bike will be delivered to and picked up from your specified accommodation.
  • You will be provided with the contact details of your personal Concierge should the need for assistance arise.
  • Our objective is a turn-key solution so we are here to help if you have further questions – after all, that’s what a concierge is for.