There are many channels to create the best possible experience for partners and participants, and to maximise our clients return on investment.

The branding and activation around an event, through signage and collateral are ways to present brands and partners as well as enhance the impact of an event.  Similarly, a robust and extended communications campaign in the lead up to an event can extend and deepen impact and connection.

We also have a range of coaches to offer training solution and groups to properly prepare people or special guests at the event all enhance outcomes. Cycling is growing as a transport mode, recreation, fitness and social activity all the time and with lots of new riders the chance to develop skills and fitness is often a real highlight.

Equally, we have developed an extensive pool of talent and MC's to attend and add value to your event.  With current and former riders from the women's and men's pro peleton, media figures and professional commentators, the right MC or guest can really round out an experience.

The right activation can really increase the impact of an event, so we have worked hard to offer a range of opportunities and possilbilities around activation and engagement to give all our partners and participants the best possible experience.