Vigorous and professional activation of your brand through events is an opportunity to extend and enhance the return on investment.  The communications process with participants and supporters before and after an event is also an excellent way to extend and continue the conversation and engagement.

To that end, CC is an active partner in designing and delivering hard and soft collateral and signage to offer you a turnkey solution. With strong in-house skills in content creation, from graphic design and advertising to copy, we work with you to develop a first-class communications piece over an extended time before, during and after an event.  Strong on the ground visibility through signage and promotional materials also adds to the quality of outcome.

We can offer a turn-key solution for all activation and branding elements, including;

  • Custom riding kit
  • Event and corporate signage
  • Electronic and hardcopy collateral
  • Promotional materials and giveaways
  • Merchandising